Latvia offers a broad range of accommodation. For those who value comfort and high quality, luxury hotels are available in Riga and other Latvian cities and towns, while those who wish to enjoy rural calm and relaxation in nature can choose a remote guesthouse or campsite in the Latvian countryside.


The Latvian definition of a hotel is a site of accommodation and service of customers that contains no fewer than four rooms. All hotels provide services such as a shower, a toilet and a telephone. Many hotels also have restaurants and bars. Still, the range of services offered in each hotel may differ which is why you should find out about what is being offered before you select your accommodation.

Guest Houses

In Latvia, a guesthouse is a site of accommodation and service that contains no less than five rooms. Guesthouses are a good accommodation solution if the number of travellers is larger and you wish to visit the Latvian countryside. Guesthouses usually offer a friendly atmosphere and good-quality service. For those who can appreciate recreation in nature, a guesthouse will be a good choice of accommodation.

Dormitory Accommodation

- Furnished rooms for 2, 3, 4 persons
- European – style remodelling, changeable bed sheets, modern household appliances in kitchen, a parking lot.
- Charges for public utility services included in your rate
- Availability for short period stays (courses, seminars and other cases)
- Daily clean up of public space and removal of garbage
- Around the clock administrators will guarantee public order.

Country Houses

In country homes, calm and tranquillity away from hectic city life is guaranteed. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy Latvian nature.

Youth Hostels

According to the criteria of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia (LVRA), the general requirements for youth hostels are as follows:

  • A self-catering kitchen;
  • The accommodation site must provide storage for the guests' money, valuables and documents in a locker or a safe;
  • The accommodation must be able to receive and serve disabled guests;
  • In all accommodation, the entranceway and at least one room, shower and toilet must be adapted to the needs of wheelchair users; etc.


A motel is a site of guest accommodation and service that contains at least five rooms and that mainly serves motorists and motorcyclists. If you are travelling by car, a motel could be a good alternative.

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