European Union Blue Card is introduced in Latvia according to the amendments of Latvian Immigration Law as of June 16, 2011. The only way to get EU Blue Card is to be employed in EU, in this case- in Latvia. The Blue Card is a temporary residence permit, issued by Republic of Latvia for highly qualified foreigners, who are being employed under the guidance of employer and earns determined salary. Qualified employee must have a higher education from educational programme that lasted at least three years and this education must be in the same working sector which is specified in the contract of employment.

EU Blue Card concept has been introduced to make the EU more attractive to highly qualified workers from around the globe and to sustain the competitiveness and economic growth of the EU.
Blue Card is a residence permit issued by a particular EU Member State encompassing also a work permit. Blue Card guarantees to its holder equal rights with workers who are the citizens of particular EU Member State, as well as favourable conditions in respect to family reunion and mobility within the EU.
In Latvia Blue Card is available to non-EEA highly qualified employees, i.e. employees holding a higher education diploma with a condition that the studies needed to acquire diploma lasted at least three years.
When applying for Blue Card in Latvia, foreigner shall submit:

work contract or binding job offer for highly qualified work with the employer registered in Latvia for at least 1 year;
valid travel document;
proof of sickness insurance;

For regulated professions, documents establishing that employee meets the legal requirements, and for unregulated professions, the documents establishing the relevant higher educational qualifications.

Blue Card is issued without labor market testing for the length of employment (with maximum validity of five years) and is subject to renewal. Accompanying spouse will be issued a temporary residence permit and will be entitled to work in Latvia with any employer after one year of residence in Latvia.

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