"It has been a great experience to be part of the RIGA STRADINS UNIVERSITY. One can cram from books but originally it is always the faculty, industry interface and surrounding environment that only can transform a student into a professional, which I was fortunate enough to get in here and was able to secure the job that I always desired. I wish the institution the very best. As well as, I am very grateful the course Master in Health Management curriculum gave me a greater understanding of the healthcare business cycle, which prepared me for the daily challenges I would face as a hospital administrator and feel confident for what awaits me!!!."

[ - Abril Augustan: Master in Health Management]

"Business Psychology has been an incredible experience that has opened up a realm of possibilities for my future. From our dedicated professors with boundless wisdom, to the unique structure of the program that encourages cohesive team dynamics, to course content that has not only been thought-provoking but life-changing. I have grown academically as well as personally. It has also allowed me to meet incredible people that have mentored me towards a bright future. I am grateful and I am proud to be a student of RIGA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION."

[ - Allyson Andria: Bachelor in Business Psychology]

"I completed my undergraduate degree at Riga Technical University in 2004, and soon thereafter, it became clear that Riga Technical University had much more to offer to me. I became interested in pursuing a master's degree in civil engineering, the same discipline in which I had completed my bachelor's degree. I was surprised at the subtle, yet significant, differences between the undergraduate and graduate schools. It seemed as though there was a whole new integrated community that was previously unknown to me, it was like I was discovering Riga Technical University again for the first time. When I finally completed my master's degree, I felt as though I was thoroughly ready to move into the working world. So today I am placed and all credit goes to Riga Technical University."

[ - Landon Jhon : Master in civil engineering]

"Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Faculty in Riga Technical University, Latvia is the greatest Transport Engineering Faculty in the region. Long tradition in quality of education is an obligation for constant improvements. More than 300 students at the Bachelor studies opted for Transport Engineering at RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. While nearly 50 Master students received advanced knowledge. Working with Riga Technical University students gets opportunity to explore the software and to get the basis to use all similar tools in their engineering practice. The ambitious teaching program helps students to expand their skills according to their own interests. Each student develops the whole transportation model of the city from scratch."

[ - Selena Ceaser: Master in Transport Engineering]

"I graduated in June 2013 and have been working since August of the same year. Although Professional Dentistry required hard work, determination and discipline, the rationale and reasoning behind everything we had to do become much clearer as I went along and certainly once I finished. I can now say it was all worth it! Having spoken with others from my classes who have also gone into University of Latvia even, we all agree that the quality of education we received from you was of a very high standard! The depth of knowledge, range of skills and especially the amount of hands on clinical experience in all aspects of clinical dentistry we received from University of Latvia certainly surpasses many who studied at various other 'big name' universities. My adviser in Latvia who sits on the interview panels said to me on more than one occasion that in his experience, University of Latvia graduates have excellent 'clinical knowledge' and our 'overall professionalism and manner in which we conduct ourselves' is indicative of our excellent undergraduate training. I feel that on the whole I was certainly very well prepared for the transition from college to practice and I know many of my class feel the same."

[ - Susan O'Connell: Bachelor in Professional Dentistry]

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